Welcome to Bioexploring Blog

Photo Credit: Anya Katz

Photo Credit: Anya Katz

Welcome to the start of the Bioexplorer Blog. A dive into my subconscious because behind research or projects there are subjective individuals hard at work. These entries may appear disjointed, they include: observations from traveling, meditations on the collective and beautiful struggle of life, and essays weaving together all my various thought strands. However, this is an attempt to also be transparent as to what ways I am a just another subjective individual.

I am also a beginner, but it has always seemed that people who start projects look back on their early days, valuing their own naivety. Naive as to what they were truly embarking upon, yet also able to laugh at their youthful ignorance. However, their laughter appeared strong, as they acknowledge that it was this ignorance that enabled them to push forward into the dark. They were not daunted by some enormous task because their was no clear task, but rather small steps in a journey that slowly unfolded.

Perhaps, this blog is just that: a diary of the small steps.

So let’s begin bioexploring.

Liv Scott